by hand-drawn

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released August 5, 2015

hand-drawn is

drew sweet - voice/guitar
adam kierstead - guitar
gavin downes - guitar
joe brown - bass
geoff smith - drums

Corey Bonnevie is a national treasure and we thank him very much. This album was recorded at his studio, monopolized records, between august & december of 2014. A big thank you to Cole S, Mike Rogers, Brian C, The mysterious and elusive anthony enman, & everybody else at Local 107.3fm - your institution is so important to us musicians and programmers alike. Caleb M, Avery D, Will, Stu b & all the fine folks on Sharktooth Records. Keith C & John Wilson - for the direct, and indirect, influence you had on this album. thank you.

all songs composed by hand-drawn
all words by drew sweet



all rights reserved


hand-drawn Saint John, New Brunswick

thoughts are friends. download this stuff so you can have more!

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Track Name: 7 8 7 10
I don't need a friend
I just need a hand,
to follow me to the south;
a land I know nothing about.
please, show me the way.
I've been dying for an escape.
the walls are cavin' in,
I just need to see the sun again.

This was not the plan,
this road never turned to sand.
a subtle way to change the setting,
to give me what I wasn't expecting.

watching slowly while you disappear - if I follow, will you lead me through it?
there are questions that are dragging me along; when will I know if I am right or wrong?

I'm wrong.
Track Name: pea soup
days, i've been counting until the words could fill the blanks,
but my mouth runs dry though everything is moving.

these nights have been passing.
Seeing myself in a blurred perspective; a ripple in the pond from a break in the water.

I don't think much of anything.
It's not that I don't care to say what I want to - there's just nothing there.
I walk away every time I should stay.

I ran too far and broke my leg.
I screamed from my mouth but I made no sound.
i'm fallin' further down; losing touch.
I never thought i'd say there could be too much.
Track Name: linus gets devoured by a pride of lions
lips loose enough to speak you mind; say it now, we're running out of time.
holding your own while it all comes down; far too proud to show your doubt.
what could you say?

you, I thought you'd put up a fight.
I won't let you.

I'm standing on the tip of your tongue balancing until you push me off.
what could you say?

you, I thought you'd put up a fight.
I won't let you.
you, you thought with me it would die,
but it won't.
Track Name: ghost hands
cared for by four of them, you'll never hear a sound.
i'm all for compromise if it benefits me in the end.
a faint line in the hardwood divides what's yours from mine.
bare walls are more fitting for you; you're so unkind.

hold close your friends and paint all the canvases.
you can stand with them waiting in line for a paint brush.
the people that are with you are only with you because you're with them; hold them so close - never let them go.

hang from the ceiling,
fall through the couch.
waking up or falling to sleep.
Track Name: reminders
last train is leaving, taking you so far away from home -
i hear a voice echoing through, it's faint but I know that it's you.

take some time for yourself, we'll meet again soon.
I'm not through with you.

It always feels longer than it is; at least the distance keeps us apart.
by holding it in I don't have to remember - after the moment, I still have you
Track Name: I don't want to say it
I saw you all alone, I thought you'd like some company.
your head was down while I said, "hello," but you only speak to those you know.
It doesn't matter if i'm kind; I'm still a stranger.

I can't say nothing without always saying all the wrong words.

there's no benefit from this. we're scraping from the bottom of the jar,
I don't have the time to talk about the weather,
or whether things got better than they were last year.

I don't want to say goodbye
but I try to every time.
Track Name: this afternoon
I walked by your house this afternoon,
too afraid to walk to your door.
All my memories are here,
but now I'm on the outside looking in.

the summer always feels too short;
every time I turn around, you're gone.
I'll sleep another year while your mind may wander from here.

are we sleeping or just day dreaming?
Track Name: home
to me you are a star;
I watch you far.
chaotic where you are,
to me you are a star.

whenever i'm on my way home,
you know, i'm looking for you.
I look up to the sky.
there, I know that you're never that far.
Track Name: hungry
pass it to me, I want to be like you.
I want to be able to sit and let the wind suck me dry.
I'd be fine with it because in my head, I'm running through the places where I have been.

looking up, I see something;
maybe it's something that i can finally hold on to.
I lift my hands up but nothing is there.
I start to think; were you even here?

I want to be where you are.
I want to see what you see.